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Natural Sisal Exfoliating Washcloth

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Our Natural Sisal Exfoliating Washcloth takes exfoliating to a whole new level! Its plant-based sisal towel will help you reveal smoother skin, while cleansing away germs and toxins. With firm, but gentle exfoliation, the washcloth encourages skin's natural renewal process. Plus, you can use it on your face and more stubborn areas, like elbows and feet. Made of hand-harvested natural sisal fiber derived from Mexico's 'agave sisalana' cactus plant, this long-lasting washcloth is softer than a loofah and will leave your skin feeling invigorated and soft.

Dimensions: 10x10

  • Lather the washcloth with soap and gently bath as you normally would.
  • Allow to air dry between uses.
  • The washcloth can be machine washed and dried. 
  • Replace every 1-2 months depending on how often used.
  • Wash prior to use