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Sunshine Poppies Sugar Scrub

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Our Sunshine Poppies Sugar Scrub has a beautiful scent and will leave your skin smelling clean and fresh.

  • Soap, shower gel, or body wash should be used before applying the body scrub. This way your skin is clean and primed up for the body scrub to do its magic.

Lemon peel powder:

  • Removes excess oil from the skin for natural glow.
  • Deep cleanses the skin and detoxify it.
  • Fights acne and lightens scars.
  • Brightens skin tone, makes skin smooth and fresh.
  • Kick outs the blackheads and pimples out of the skin.

Lemon Extract is great for skin that suffers from hyperpigmentation because it will help brighten the complexion, while also fading dark spots. It cleanses the skin, helping control oil production and unclogging pores.

Poppy Seeds have a gentle yet very effective exfoliation properties. Mild enough for everyday use, poppy seeds help to bring back that youthful appearance to your skin. They also remove impurities and built up oils and grime.


Ingredients:  Cane Sugar. Lemon Peel Powder, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Lemon Extract, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance Oils, Optiphen (preservative).



  1. Mix the contents of the jar with finger to evenly distribute the oils and then apply to wet skin
  2. Massage gently to polish away dull skin cells
  3. When finished, rinse thoroughly and pat dry
  4. Make sure to close lid tightly after each use to prevent water contamination
  5. Use caution as the oils can make shower and bath surfaces slippery